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Interpret user feedback and requests.

Gather ideas from various sources and concentrate on key priorities to enhance your product.

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Understand the needs of your users.

The essence of a successful startup lies in creating something that resonates with people. Utilize to collect feedback from your users and accomplish this goal.

Add Idea page

Submit Idea

Users can contribute ideas by supplying a title, description, and attaching relevant files. Additionally, ideas can be submitted without requiring user authentication.

Filter idea

Filter Idea

Effortlessly apply filters based on status and tags, and arrange by popularity, comments, and trending. Administrators can oversee private ideas and have the flexibility to customize both Status and Tags.


Provide a title and description for your users.

Create new board

New boards

Establish distinct boards for various purposes and tailor your idea form according to your requirements.

Reveal your ongoing developments to users and determine the next priorities.

Evaluate the most requested features and fixes from your users, then organize them into your upcoming tasks.


Editor for your updates

Incorporate headings, code blocks, and other formatting elements to add detail and structure to new changelog entries, including video content.

Sort changelog

filter changelogs

Filter changelog based on their statuses.

Share Chnagelog

Copy link of your changelog and share it to others.

Ideas by status

Show only desired ideas

Showcase ideas based on their status in your roadmap.

Edit Statuses

Custom Statuses

Admin can add custom statuses based on their requirements.

Idea Management Hub

Effortlessly oversee user ideas with interactive features. Admins and owners can customize, categorize, and take special actions, streamlining the product development process with valuable user feedback.

Idea details

Interact with user ideas

Engage with user ideas by incorporating votes, comments, tags, and various other features.



You can add or reply comments in ideas , users has access to edit or delete their own comments. While admins can edit or delete anyone's comment, admins can also pin the comments to top for more visibility.

Change Status

Change Status of idea

Admin and owners can cange the status of ideas added by user.



Admin and owner can add any tag in idea.

Admin actions

Special Access

Admin can perform many actions on ideas like editing, deleting, privating ideas. private idea will not be visible to normal users. Admin can also move idea to another board or merge it into another idea.

Internal notes

Internal notes

Admin or owner can add note that is only accessible by the team members.

Manage your project

Easily tailor your project, involve your team in feedback moderation, and integrate with Slack for efficient communication and activity tracking.

General Project setting

Customize Your Project

Change your projects name and domain. Personalize it with your color scheme, icon, and logo.

Team members

Make your team

Bring your team on board to moderate feedback and oversee idea management.



Integrate with Slack to stay organized and keep tabs on all activities.

Email Notifications

Customize email notifications based on user preferences for various actions:

  • Receive notifications for new comments on your posted ideas.
  • Stay informed about status changes (e.g., from Planned to Done) on your ideas.
  • Get updates on the status changes of ideas you've upvoted.
  • Be notified when mentioned in a comment.
  • Receive alerts for new ideas posted on a board (Admins only).